Friday, March 25, 2016

wip: Sally Skirt - Cutting and Interlining

After a couple of round of tidying up, I'm finally back in my sewing room, actually using it as a sewing room instead of an oversized junk drawer.  Huzzah!  I'm desperately in need of bottom garments, and I'm itching to have a decent skirt in my wardrobe. 

So when Style Arc sent out an email on the 23rd with an Easter Project Discount for this weekend (ending on Monday, so hop to it (haha), pick something from their Etsy page, and enter HAPPYEASTER25 at checkout for a 25% off discount), I jumped on it and bought the Sally Jean Skirt pattern.  Considering that it was my birthday that day, I felt it was fate!

It's actually Lauren of Lladybird's fault, as she recently posted about this great corduroy skirt and I couldn't get the shape of it out of my head.  While Sally is perhaps straighter and longer (with different details), it definitely charmed me, so into the cart it went.

A bit of a stash dive yielded this black linen-cotton blend I bought ages ago when I still lived in Kingston.  It's a little lightweight, but workable.  But after cutting the skirt out, I thought long and hard about it and came to the conclusion that I'll probably be wearing this with tights or leggings.  I hate the cling skirts get with leggings and I'm not really one for slips, so I decided to line the skirt.  This time, I decided to try my hand at interlining.

I found some lining fabric in the Fabric Cabinet (supposed to be for the winter coat I never got around to this winter, but I think I'm going to go with a different option there) and cut out the big skirt pieces.  I probably won't bother interlining any other parts, although we'll see.  This fabric is a pain in the butt.  It wiggles and changes shape if you so much as look at it wrong, which is annoying for matching up to a supposedly identical piece.

But I got them lined up and sewed the matching pieces for all 4 main skirt parts within the seam allowance, and there's no weird bunching or missed edges, so thank goodness for that.  That's as far as I got tonight, but at least that bits done.  I'm going to spend some time on it tomorrow, but don't anticipate finishing it until probably Sunday. There is a front fly zipper, afterall, and I've only done one of those once. 

You know, I'd planned to go in an entirely different direction with this post, and only touch on the skirt as part of it.  Obviously my fingers conspired against me.  It's just as well, as I think I need to let the other topic stew a bit more.  It's about a bit wardrobe plan I have, so expect to hear about that soon.

Any Easter weekend sewing plans for you?


  1. Ooooh we await the next stage with antici......pation!

  2. Happy Be-lated Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.
    I've been looking at the Sally skirt as well and almost bought it with that same discount code. (I've been looking at 'denim' skirt patterns and have also considered Grainline's Moss skirt.) I've so many patterns and so many items lined up in my queue that I didn't buy it. I've heard Style Arc doesn't always have multiple sizes for their patterns and wasn't sure if it was just the one size or multiple sizes and I generally have to grade between three sizes for fit. (Holy smokes I can't focus this morning.)
    So, I'm sorry, question; did this come with multiple sizes or just the one?
    I'm looking forward to seeing yours when it is done.

    1. Thanks! I had a wonderful day, and we had a fun party on Thursday night. :)

      The Etsy download comes with 3 sizes (so you have to watch which set you're buying). However, the sizes aren't nested - there's a pdf for each size.

      For this skirt, I don't think it's that big of a deal. I'd probably fit for the waist and add width for the hips, but I totally understand why you'd rather have a properly nested pattern. My measurements line up pretty well with their size 18 (although I'm having problems with my Elle pants at that size - but that's probably because of the stretch factor in the fabric I used).

      I was looking at the Moss skirt last night actually. I've decided against it, as I think I'm going to try my hand at self-drafting an A-line skirt (google it - there's so many tutorials and it's dead simple to get one drafted to your exact measurements - I did it years ago when I first started sewing and it was my favourite skirt).

    2. I finally found the SA sizing chart; I fall between a 10 & 12 for the waist and a 14&16 for the hips. Non-nested = increased complexity.
      I was thinking of making a jean skirt from one of my TNT patterns, but wasn't sure how to go about adding a yoke (my brain isn't happy with complexity right now). Tho' given then sheer volume of information on the internet, I should just suck it up, have a look, and just do it.
      Thank you for the information.

  3. That's going to be so cute! I'm glad to hear you finally managed to wrangle that interlining-I'm sure I would have given up!