Tuesday, July 19, 2016

fo: Spotted Cardigan!

For some reason, despite having WAY less free time now that I run a shop than when I had a government desk job, I've been sewing a ton more.  Granted, not much knitting, but I've been bitten by the sewing bug hard.  Probably because I want to up my wardrobe now that I'm working a very public position in a creative field.  That and I've sworn to never wear blue jeans in the shop while open; that's sort of forcing me to rethink my wardrobe.

Anyways, all that blather is basically to say that I sewed a top.  :D

fo: Spotted Cardi
Actually, I sewed most of the top about 2 years ago, but only just finished it this weekend.  All that was needed was the neckband and hems.  Yeah, I'm not sure why it took me this long either.

fo: Spotted Cardi

Long-time readers who followed me over from my old blog might recognize this (though I am wearing it differently).  I sewed this cardigan up back in January 2012 in a heavier-weight light grey fabric.  I have no idea where that cardi went, but I'd received this exact yarn from Stacie in late 2011/early 2012 to duplicate her spotted version of this cardi.  Erm, I'm a little late, but glad that I finally got it done!  This is going to be a great light-weight addition to my wardrobe.  :)

fo: Spotted Cardi
Pattern: McCall's 6408
Fabric: Stretch jersey knit burnout (rayon/polyester)
Size: Small?  That's what my Pattern Review post claims.  This cardigan ran really big, and I believe I cut a small and graded out at the hips.  Despite the fact that my body measurements from 4.5 years ago placed me in the L to XL category.  Oh Big 4 patterns, why you so ease-y.
Mods: No idea.  I just cut out from the pattern I traced out way back when.  Oh, but I did hack off the sleeves at about 3/4 length and finished them with a strip of fabric sewn on.  And I didn't hem it because I'm not sure how to do it without ruining the drape, and it's curling in a cute way anyways.

fo: Spotted Cardi
The fabric is a little thin, and I find that it bunches over my butt when I tie it in the front.  I love it tied in the back though - It works really well with both my favourite little navy dress (which I so have to duplicate in a black fabric, like, NOW) as well as over my favourite teal pants and black tee.  It's a bit of a bolder print than I'd go for now-a-days, but it is a lot of fun!

fo: Spotted Cardi
Yep, pretty happy about it!  Don't mind the crummy photos though - I snapped them quickly before opening the shop this morning (hense the crummy light).

Have you ever finished a long-planned or half-sewn project that's been sitting around ready to be completed, and wondered why the heck you waited so long?

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Multi-Post: Canada Day, a Hummingbird Skirt, and a Dream Wardrobe

Okay friends, I'm going to mash 3 topics into this blog post, because I have a ton of post ideas and very little time to write right now.  BTW, owning a store?  Simultaneously epically awesome and completely exhausting!  I love it.  :)

Topic 1: Canada Day!

HAPPY (belated) CANADA DAY!!!  And to you folks in the States, HAPPY (early) INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

Canada Day!
I reduced the shop hours on Friday so I could go watch the parade in town, and I do not regret it for a moment!  The parade was a ton of fun, and I went a little crazy waving and cheering at everything and everyone with my wee little flag.  My favourite float was this one:

Canada Day!
It's hard to tell at first, but it's a little glass-blowing studio!  We've had one open up in town this summer, and I'm so impressed they got a float going for the parade!  The folks on the float pretended to repeatedly heat and blow "glass" (aka balloons and umbrellas) and a few people walked along side, blowing more "glass" and giving out candy.  I'm stoked to go do one of their glass-blowing classes - clever buggers also have a "date night" package, which is awesome!

Canada Day!
I might've gotten into the spirit (though I didn't think of a float - NEXT YEAR!!!!) and was up until 2 am the night before (/that morning) knitting up an ugly colourwork hat for a Canada Day display.  Don't look to closely at it, the colourwork is atrocious.  But it did the job, and looked pretty good surrounded by all the red and white Canadian-made product and string I could find!

Topic 2: Hummingbird Skirt

fo: Navy Hummingbird Skirt
Holy crap I sewed a skirt!

Haha I've been missing my poor sewing room lately, and I've gotten an itch to sew that was getting unbearable.  After closing up the shop at 4 on Canada Day, I came home to have some quiet me time (I'm an introvert - though granted a socially-inclined introvert.  I've been needing some me-time to recharge after the last two crazy weeks).  I'd planned to sit and work on a store sample and watch a movie, but the sewing room - she called!  I wanted a quick project and, needing a skirt desperately in my wardrobe, I pulled out the pieces of a navy Hummingbird Skirt (by Cake Patterns) that I'd cut out literally years ago.

fo: Navy Hummingbird Skirt

fo: Navy Hummingbird Skirt
I put on my favourite audiobook and proceeded to sew for the next few hours.  Ah bliss.  Look at those pockets!  I sewed them wrong at first and swore a lot while ripping them out, but otherwise everything went smoothly.

fo: Navy Hummingbird Skirt
Hey look, straight side seam!  I can't remember what size I cut (I'm assuming a size 45" - based on how this fits across my hips and the size range), but I did absolutely no alterations and the fit is pretty spot on.  Granted, I'm not entirely certain how a skirt should fit, but it's pretty comfy.  It might be a little snug across the hips, but seems fine.  I'd probably add an inch or so length next time though.  I'm actually sort of happy with this length, but I don't normally wear shorts and most dresses I wear are closer to knee length.

fo: Navy Hummingbird Skirt
This is the best invisible zipper I've ever done!  It really is invisible - there's just some weird shadows happening in the picture above.  And some wrinkles and various fluff that accumulates in a yarn shop - what can I say, I finished it the night before and promptly test run it at work the next day.

Don't ask me what the fabric is - some sort of suiting that feels a bit wooly, but definitely has a poly-content.  It was part of a box of fabric sent to me from a friend, and I'm glad to get more use out of it.  :) 

fo: Navy Hummingbird Skirt
So I definitely need several more of these!  I think they're going to be a wardrobe staple, that's for sure.  :)

Topic 3: Dream Wardrobe

During MMMay'16 (erm - things got a little insane and I never got photos taken of outfits the last week or so of May, though I did stick with Me-Makes.  After hearing about the shop, I hope you now understand why), I won one of Zoe's giveaways!  It was a fun little 'go to the Fabric Godmother website and suggest a pattern you think they need to have on their site (mine was Cake Pattern's Tiramisu, btw - I do love me some Cake!), and I was so lucky to win one month of Fabric Godmother's Dream Wardrobe!  It was pretty cool, actually; Josie contacted me with a consultation document that I had to fill out, describing my colouring, my personal style, likes and dislikes, etc, and then she chose a pattern and fabric she thought would suit me.  I received her package last week, and this is what she sent:

Fabric Godmother Package
It's perfect!  I love the simple but fun fabric, and I've been eyeing up Darling Ranges for years now!  This was definitely a good experience, and I'll probably recommend this service to family members back home who want to send me something special for birthdays or Christmas's. 

Itch to sew...RISING!