Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Knitting and Audiobooks

I've having a lovely evening in, knitting away and listening to Persuasion audiobook.  I really like this version, and want to find more from this same reader!

I have so many projects on the needles it's getting ridiculous, and with Christmas in April with my family coming up next month, I'm going to have more on soon.  But I started a two-at-a-time toe-up sock knitting class last Sunday, and my homework was to get to the heel so we can go through the heel turn together so I'm very monogamously knitting these right now.  Granted, they're going to be a gift for my brother, so it's just as well.  The yarn is pretty scratchy though and I'm knitting these tight, so my poor fingers are taking a beating.

Ah the things we do for those we love.  The brat better appreciate these (and not felt them in the wash like he did the hat I made him a few years ago).

Do you like to listen to audiobooks when you're crafting?  If so, any recommendations?  My other favourite right now is World War Z (the book, NOT the movie), which is a fantastic book for a full cast audioplay!


  1. I listen to audiobooks too, I find I slow down and enjoy sewing a lot more than when I listen to music!
    My recommendations are the Dresden files by Jim butcher, they are urban fantasy and are read by James masters (spike from Buffy). He's a fantastic narrator and I have listened and read the series more times than I can count!
    I've just listened to the Tiffany aching books by terry pratchett (they are kids/teen books but I really like them).
    I found the Harry Potter books a bit dry, I normally love Stephen fry but I didn't end up finishing them.
    I really liked Felicia days 'you're never weird on the internet', she narrates it herself and I found it funny and engaging.
    I've got a few Charmaine Harris and laurel k hamiltons books, pretty good but gotta pause them when the kids are around (laurels especially, very heavy on the erotic side of the urban fantasy!).
    I've listened to a few of Karin slaughters and Kathy reichs (more crime based, I do like the viral series by Kathy reichs, more young fiction/supernatural/mystery).
    I'll be watching the comments here, always looking for more recommendations!

    1. You. Are. Awesome. :)

      I'm looking up the Dresden Files as soon as I get home from work because no matter what they're about, they'll be awesome with James Masters reading them. I might've had a ginormous crush on that guy at one time. Once. Definitely not now, nope.

      I'll check out some of these other ones too. (Oooo the Laurel books sounds...interesting... :D) Thanks for the great rec list! I hope other people share as well so you get some back.

  2. SO many I can hardly remember - I am a huge and voracious fan of abs and have listened to most of the ones in the libraries around here. I have one of a Merrily Watkins book by Phil Rickman, who writes fascinating supernatural stories that woossy me doesn't find at all scary. I love the whole englishness of it all. Not sure who is narrating but she is the right voice. I also love the ABC books about Kinsey Millhone, another great narrator!!

    1. Ooo supernatural stories! I'll look up your suggestions. :)

  3. I usually listen to podcasts (knitmore girls, 6Bits Storybooks, Woolful and Relentlessly knitting) or a groovy Sirius station, depending on my mood.
    As for your WIP count, inquiring minds want to know... What's your number? How many UFOs are hiding all over your house? I find that social accountability works wonders for getting things off the needles!
    How do you like that two at a time, magic loop malarkey? I'm a pretty devout DPN sock knitter...

    1. I really need to get into podcasts.

      No idea how many wips I have right now. Not going to find our right now either. I'm focussing on a lot of little projects right now in prep for Christmas in April with my family, but maybe after that I'll do another wip Name and Shame post. :D

      I like the two-at-a-time magic loop! I'm less fond of toe-up, but that could be because I'm not liking the heel flap version with this. I'm also a bit afraid that I've knit the socks too long. I don't care what people say about trying them on as they go, I can do that way more efficiently with top-down since it's easy to figure out when to start the toes. With toe-up, you can try on, and try to figure out how much extra space to leave for the heel (and never mind if you're knitting for someone not here and it's also a surprise gift).

      Basically what I'm saying is I think I knit these waaaaay too long. :( Haha but I do like that I won't have to knit a second sock!