Saturday, March 05, 2016

Dressew Fabric Haul

I went into Dressew in Vancouver with a Plan.  There was a list, with metreage even!  Did I listen to it?

Eh, sort of. 
Did I get the pants material I was supposed to?  No. 
Did I get knits for t-shirts?  No. 
Did I get sweatshirt material for another Linden?  No.

I DID find some beautiful satin (the burgundy stuff on the right) for this housecoat, but it's not the cotton I'd planned on.  And I did get some wovens for tops (on the right pile) as well as some "drapy light-weight, dark-coloured fabric" for a friend.

The entire pile on the left was most definitely NOT part of the plan.'s supplex knit fabric that I've learned is great for workout gear (and difficult to locate), and I've been wanting to sew these running pants.  Plus that lightweight knit at the top will make a great running top (suggestions?).  I couldn't resist.

Did I mention I spent most of my time there uttering the phrase "I'm in so much trouble.  I'm in SO much trouble" as I wandered about the two floors of inexpensive fabric, buttons, zippers, feathers, notions, and everything you could possible think of in a sewist-dream of a store?

Although I was pretty restrained, looking at the piles.  I probably would've bought more, but between a tight timeline before I had to head to the airport (hense the lack of photos - although check out Sewaholic's post about this store here for an idea of what I was dealing with) and a very small suitcase to fit everything in, I was kept from going completely nuts!  And the only thing I bought that doesn't have a plan attached is that green and pink fabric.  I mean, how can you pass up a gorgeous silk-cotton blend for $5.99/m?  YOU CAN'T.  Don't know what I'll do with it yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something!

How's your stash doing?


  1. Ohhh Dressew. I meant to go today but I have a terrible cold instead. Not like I really need more fabric, but I have a new tshirt and a new cardigan pattern, and new fabric would be nice. :) I especially like the heathered fabric in the middle of your left pile.

    1. That is a dangerous place, but really fantastic. Great prices too! I had a tough time narrowing down what to get, but it sure would be a great place to have nearby. Lucky you! :) Good luck with your own trip (once the dreaded bug goes away - get better soon!) and your new patterns! So much fun. :)

  2. Repeat after me, a list is a guideline only, not the absolute...of course, if you find things on the list, great, but on the other hand ...eventually it will be just the right fabric for the right job.

    1. You're probably one of those amazingly evil enabling sewing friends that's dangerous to shop with. I like you. If we weren't so far apart I'd totally go shopping with you (and use your excuses on my partner when he sees to amount of fabric I brought home). :D

  3. Ooo! Oh I am terribly jealous. It's been so long since I was in a fabric store that wasn't boring old Fabricland. ;) this looks like a great haul, though it's too bad you didn't find an awesome sweatshirt knit. Those can be hard to find.