Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Project Changes and Everyday Me-Made Garments

wip: Cabled Toque
I've abandoned all of my knitting projects to work on a complex cabled hat pattern.  I love me some complex cables!  Father Cables is a fun knit and will be destined for our LYS as a store sample (with a fur pompom, of course!).  I was actually supposed to knit another pattern entirely, but it's been restarted - no word of a lie - 4 times and despite my pride getting involved, I finally screamed and threw it into the corner of my sewing room.

A few months breather and a Ravelry pattern search, and I've restarted with this pattern.  Sometimes you just have to walk away.

I've gotten some good progress on it today - about 4 inches of it, actually!  Mostly because I love knitting on planes.  :)  I'm down in Vancouver BC for a work thing this week, and it's been great travel knitting (although it won't be conference knitting - too much attention required in all of those meandering cables).

Me Made Clothes in Real Life
Speaking of this trip, I just unpacked my clothes for the next couple of days and realized that I'd packed two me-made garments!  You know you have some successful makes when you don't even think about them as being anything but regular wardrobe staples.  The photo above shows my Cardboard Cafe cardigan in the background (to go with a cute little dress - one of my favourite outfits, actually), and an as-yet unblogged tunic.  I'll see if I can get photos of the outfits in the next few days, since it's kind of cool to see how garments get worn outside of 'finished outfit' posts!

And while I'm here, I'll be hitting up some fabric shops - particularly Dressew (Tasia of Sewaholic blogged about it here)!  Anyone in Vancouver want to go shopping with me on Thursday?!


  1. Wish I were there! Have fun! :)

  2. Father Cables just went straight to my favorites. I know I'm keen to see your me-mades in the wild - it's really inspiring to see people actually wearing their handmade clothes like clothes. Wish I could join you in Vancouver, but I'm on the US East Coast and a plane ticket just isn't in the budget (more's the pity). One day, though!

    1. I thought it might be fun, especially since I didn't really think of them as me-made when I packed them. Which seems odd to say, but I remember a time when I deliberately packed my made garments despite how awful they were just BECAUSE I made them and I was proud dammit! Now they're just normal clothes. I'm not sure what that says exactly, but it's a neat feeling (when you recognize it). :)

  3. Yay for you-made! I love wearing things I've made so much, especially when people compliment them :) I love the look of the Father Cables hat so much, and yours looks especially squishy here! Good on you for knowing when to just walk away from a project that wasn't working out-goodness knows I need some help mastering that at times :)

    1. It is super squishy! I was working on it during the conference and I had two people offer to buy it from me, which is hilarious. :)

      I have a hard time walking away because dammit I should be able to do this! But sometimes it's for the best. I'm attempting to do a certain sweater one more time, and if I can't work it out (there's lot of weird short rows at different points on the neckline and I can't seem to keep track of them) then forget it - on to the next sweater!

      ...maybe, because I really want this one... :D