Monday, August 11, 2014


So that order I accidentially made came in.

Sweet sweet yarn!

This is my new Cotlin, a cotton/linen blend in DK weight in pomegranate, is destined to be a summer cardigan.  ...I think...I'm good at changing my mind on patterns...

Sea Glass Cardi, by Ela Torrente
I'm not sure yet if it'll be a good look on me, since having a line across the top of my bust is never a good look on me (lumps my boobs in with my tummy and that's not the best when you have a larger bust and tummy), but I think I can make it work.  It's stolen my heart, so at this point, how it looks doesn't really matter! 

I picked the Comfy in whisker as a beachy coverup, since we have a holiday somewhere warm planned for this winter (!!!!!!!).  This is a cotton/acrylic blende that should be cool enough for a warm place because of the cotton, but tough enough and dry quickly because of the acrylic content.  I originally planned to make this pattern, but then I found this:

152-17 Amber, by Drops
AHHH okay, so how perfect is this?!  Lightweight and airy, longer sleeves for more sun coverage, and much more flattering than my other choice!  Plus it's a great summer top overall.  Just make a fluffy skirt and it'll make a great holiday outfit. 

So yeah, lots of knitting/crocheting plans in the coming months.

And that doesn't even include the second Knit Picks order I made a week after this one.  Whoops.

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