Wednesday, August 13, 2014

wip: Wedding Favour Bags

So one of my cousin's is getting 17 days, and way back in April I told her I'd make up her wedding favour bags.  She's having this cute little candy table, and wanted hand-made bags for her guests to fill up.  Except they were just planning on making them out of whatever fabric they could find at a thrift store.

Pfft, I can do better than that!  They're having a country-chic wedding, so country-chic bags they would get!

But boy am I running out of time!!!

Anyways, I got another 20 basic bags sewn up today.  Still have to add the ties and hand-stitch they flowers on, but this should bring my total up to 65.  Not quite the 200 I'd planned on, but it turns out that not that many people will be going.  If I can get 120 finished, I'll be be tickled, and I think I'll try to find little paper bags and stamp them with the cute stamps I got, in case they run out.

Oh these stamps?  I ordered them from StudioMo on etsy!  I picked up this personalized heart for less than $8 CAD, and got her to add my cousin and her fiance's initials.  They came super quick, and good quality, and I'm so pleased with the personal touch they add to the simple cotton bags I'm making!

I think she threw in the "love" stamp, because it wasn't shown with either of the stamps I ordered (I also got this adorable little yarny stamp).  Not that this is a rec blog, but I'd rec the heck out of this little etsy shop for all of your stampy needs and wants!

As much as I'm loving making these, it's getting a little old.  I think I'm going to take a break from them after this set to work on the dress I plan to sew for the wedding.  YAY GARMENT SEWING!!!


  1. Hmmm, sewing multiple anything takes grit! You are a good friend and those stamps are awesome. Enjoy the wedding!

    1. It's not too bad, because I just cut a long strip of the fabric, fold over and sew the tops for the pull string, sew down the lace, and then cut into 5 inch bags and zigzag up the sides. You can make a lot of bags at once using that method. Honestly, making and inserting the ties almost take longer.

      I like making them, they're cute and fun (and instant gratification). I'm just itching to sew something more complicated! :)