Monday, August 18, 2014

Mysteriously Already-Cut-Out Dress

12 days until the wedding, 4 days before I leave for camp, and I have nothing to wear to the ceremony!  AAAHHHH!

I'd planned to make up another dress, but I don't want it.  I've gone shopping, but Whitehorse has nothing to offer me.

And then I caught a flash of colour under my sewing table.

What's this?!

Looks promising....

OH OH OH!!! 

How convinient!  According to my notes in the pattern book, I cut this out back in May 2013, but didn't finish it for some reason.  I think this will make a great dress for a wedding!

Have you ever found a mystery project you'd prepped and never finished?  If so, do you remember doing it?  I'm sort of thinking that elves came and did this at some point, because I don't remember cutting this out...