Tuesday, August 12, 2014

wip: Deco Daisies

I joined a KAL/CAL over at Holla Knits based on two of their special collections.  I adore Holla Knits patterns - in fact, I knit their Eastwood Cardigan this past spring.  This time, I'm crocheting up their Deco Daisies in a gorgeous skein of Manos Del Uruguay Alegria.

I was a little surprised to see the yellow in the skein - it was hidden behind a twist in the skein.  I was a little worried that this bright vibrant colour was going to overshadow all of the gorgeous jewel-toned shades, but it's actually a stunning combo when crocheted up.

This is the first pattern repeat.  The pattern itself seems a little intimidating at first, but gets so much easier once you get going. 

I've made a few alterations to the pattern.  First off, I have about half the amount of required yarn, so this will be a much smaller cowl.  I reduced the width by 20 stitches, and instead of knitting two identical pieces and seaming them together with ruching along the seam, I'm just going to crochet until it's either the length I want or I run out of yarn.  I'll probably still ruch the one seam though.

Seriously, I think this is THE perfect marriage between yarn and pattern.  The daisies look stunning in this gorgeous varigated yarn!  I mean, daisies come in all colours under the rainbow, so how perfect is this?!


If you're curious about the picture at the top of the post, it was taken in camp last week looking up at the ridge above camp. 

I'm pretty damn proud to say that I finally climbed to the top of it this rotation!  I've been itching to do that since the moment I landed in camp for the first time, Dec 2012.  And boy do I have the bug bites to proove it!  Damn blackflies.

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