Wednesday, July 23, 2014

wip: Marion Cardigan

I'm knitting a sweater!  Actually, once you start seeing more of my knitting, you'll see this isn't really a big surprise.  I love knitting sweaters!  Maybe it comes from a background in garment sewing, but I'm more likely to reach for a sweater than a toque, and it seems like better value for my (relatively) slow knitting time.

Not that I don't also knit toques.  And mitts.  And slippers.  And I want to start knitting socks...

I might be addicted.

Anyways, this is the Marion, by Andi Satterlund.  Andi creates all sorts of gorgeous sweaters that make up a large part of my knitting queue over on Ravelry, although this is the first sweater of her's that I'll actually finished.  I attempted Hetty, but the simple lace pattern broke me.

I'm not sure if a cropped cardigan is a good choice for my wardrobe, mostly because I think of them as only going with pretty dresses and I'm not really a dress person.  But then I saw Celtic Cast On's version over a plaid button-up, and now I need to sew another Archer to pair with my Marion.  Obviously.


  1. That is going to look gorgeous when its done - love the colour and the detail around the neck (cable's???I have no idea of knitting words sorry!)

    1. Cable is exactly right! :) It's actually nearly done, just need to do some finishing and block the thing. Should be posting about it soon. It turned out really good!