Friday, May 20, 2016

#MMMay16: Days 16-20

Yeah, you saw that right, I've skipped Days 7-15 (with one exception below) because I didn't take any photos at all and I'm sort of forgetting what I wore.  I SPECIFICALLY DIDN'T COMMIT TO DOCUMENTING EVERYDAY, so there.  :P  Haha oops, sorry folks.

I did wear me-made garments every day...except last weekend.  And I'm giving myself a break this weekend too.  Guys, I don't have the me-made garments that can handle camping, and we're out of town and camping in the woods for 3 of the 4 May weekends.  I'm giving myself a break on those days.

Though I did bring me-made socks and some undies, so I'm trying my best with what I have.

Alright, moving on to THIS WEEK.

Day 16:

MMMay16: Day 16
This was fun!  I made this Pavlova Top by Cake Patterns in March 2013 (posted about it on my old sewing blog), and only wore it a hand full of times before it made its way into a storage bin.  I was trying to hunt down a rouge sweater when I found it and promptly put it on.  LOVE IT!  It's a little short since it's meant to be worn with a high-wasted skirt or pants, but I made it work with a tank top and my favourite jeans.  And it had good range of motion which was good because I went and helped a friend do inventory at her store this evening and boy do you have to move a lot doing that.  I was cooking by the time we were finished though, so this top can be quite warm.  Still, I really enjoyed wearing it, so it's going back into the wardrobe rotation.

Thanks for that, MMMay!

Day 17

MMMay16: Day 17
Oh hey look, it's the purple Linden.  Again.  And the green scarf.  So creative, Heather.  But I guess it shows that it's one of my go-to tops, and I should probably sew up more of those.  I love the green scarf with it, btw.  It makes my little Donatello-loving heart so happy!  :D

And as you can see, I wore my Cuba Socks.  If I look very precarious in the photo, it's because I am and yes, I did fall down almost as soon as the shutter clicked.  Oops.  I was good though, no worries, and it produced what will probably be a contender for the Best Photo of my MMMay16 adventure!

Day 18:

MMMay16: Day 18

AND here's probably one of the worst pictures, but whatever.  I was about to go for a run and snapped a quick photo before changing (btw, totally need to sew some running gear).

See that grey vest/top thing?  Another rediscovered sewn garment, though much older than my Pavlova.  It was actually one of my very first (successful) sewn garments and one of the few to last this long.  It even pre-dates my Sewing on Pins blog and was made somewhere between late 2009 and early 2010.  It was actually traced from a knitted vest I'd found at a thrift shop, but was too thick and warm to wear as often as I would've liked.  I googled how to duplicate garments, traced out a pattern onto newpaper or something, and then cut it out in this grey knit fabric.  The neckline has a nicely done band, but the sleeves are unfinished.  Oops.

It's lasted this long in my wardrobe because it's actually a wonderful layering piece in the summer, and despite not getting worn that often, always sneaks through on wardrobe purges.  I see why though, because it's so easy to wear and goes with everything.  Definitely going to put it into rotation more often, though I might need to do a quick turn-over hem for the sleeves.  It bothers me now...

Day 19:

MMMay16: Day 19
Well hello there, Avana shrug!  I love this little garment, because it's easy to toss over a t-shirt and jeans and go.  Feels like clothes in this outfit, but I admit, it feels way too dressed up when I pair this shrug with a dress. 
MMMay16: Day 19 (toesy bonus!)
The only other thing I have to say about this outfit is that I wore my Cuba socks again this day.  What can I say, the greens in it matches well with the scarf!

Day 20:

Erm, I don't have a picture of today's outfit, mostly because I'm still in pjs - and not even self-stitched pjs either.  See, Darryl left last night to make sure we get a camping spot for the weekend, and I'm staying behind because I have some Very Important Work to get done.  And since that work involves writing in my living room (this post is a break *coughprocrastinationcough*), I am not putting on real pants. I am wearing some me-made undies though, and I'm cozy in these hand knit socks, so I'm following the letter of the challenge if not the spirit.


Now, the only outfit picture I took last week was on Day 11.  I'm really glad I did, because I've learned something important.

MMMay16: Day 11
Heather, do not wear those brown tights with that dress (Tiramisu by Cake Patterns) ever again.  Or that sweater (Common Ground).  I don't care how comfy the outfit is, just don't do it.


  1. Erm, what's wrong with the outfit from Day 11, if you don't mind my asking? Everything looks like it fits well. I know folks don't like wearing brown bottoms with green tops because they claim it makes you look like a tree, but that's definitely not happening here. Are you accidentally sporting rival team colors? I feel like I'm missing something here...

    1. Aha it's actually a brown sweater too. I just think the whole outfit looks awful. That doesn't mean that someone else might not like it, I just don't, and I didn't realize that until I saw the photo. :) Grey leggings/tights and a more fitted cardigan (cropped?) might be a better option for this dress, imo.

  2. Ah, got it. You're right, a cropped sweater would bring a different feel to the outfit for sure. I usually match my legs to my shoes, because every time I've tried to combine a dress/skirt, tights/leggings, and shoes of three different colors, I end up feeling like a clown, LOL. So I totally get the "some people might like it, but not me" thing.

  3. Great little post - lots of chuckles - looks like you have fun writing them. Yes, the last outfit looks just like the sort of way I match things on weekends when everything else is in the wash...just at home, of course.

    1. Heh, thanks. :) Ugh though, that Day 11 outfit. Definitely not a combo I'm going to do again. I thought it looked cute in the mirror too. :P

  4. Look at you go! I'm hoping to finally get some sewing done in the next few weeks-the rest of my family is away, and I can set up the sewing machine wherever I want, and sew at unreasonable hours of the day without bothering people :D

    1. Yay! That'll be fun. I haven't sewn at all lately, and I'm starting to get the itch. SOON. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your unreasonable hours of sewing! :D