Thursday, April 02, 2015

Well Hello There, New Hobby

Embroidery Project
Happy April, all!  And if your circle of family and friends are anything like mine, April means HUNDREDS OF BIRTHDAYS.  Ye gods, people, you can try for babies in months other than in July, seriously.

And of course, Darryl's family is the same.  His birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and his Mom's is this Sunday.  And being the annoying boy that he is, hadn't planned to send her anything.  So I made the woman a card.

Embroidery Project
I'm kind of stoked about this.  I've been wanting to get into this style of embroidery for a while now.  I found the pattern in Stitch Zakka, compiled by Gailen Runge, and managed to finish it off last night.  I had all of the material to do it and the book on my shelf for ages now, so why not.  Especially since she makes everyone cards herself - I figured she'd appreciate it.

Embroidery Project

Embroidery Project
I even finished the fabric edges and made sure the back was tidy, just in case she wants to use the project as a bookmark or something.  It's a pretty simple motif, but was a fun first embroidery project.  Now I want to embroider everything!


  1. This is really nice. So much better than a hastily bought card. I have pinned all kinds of cross stitch/ embroidery things on Pinterest, but still not actually made any. I did decide to get a Holla Knits yarn ball bag and embroider over it (like in the tutorial). I have all of the tools, so maybe I'll get around to it before summer.
    What other embroidery projects are you thinking of doing?

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty proud of this quick project. :D

      I really liked that embroidered bag, it turned out really good! I wanted to buy one of those, but wow did the low Canadian dollar ever make the bag and shipping overly expensive. Ugh.

      I have a cross-stitch pattern half done that I started years ago that I'd like to finish. I don't have any other projects in mind exactly, but I'd like to add some embroidery to some sewing projects - like on the upper chest of a top, or add some detail around the neckline, or something. :)