Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cross-Canada Dishcloth Swap!

Hello all!  Here I am, back in the Yukon, and glad to be here, even if it is snowing out. 

I had a fantastic trip back to Manitoba - saw lots and lots of people.  It was busy for sure, but some of those people I haven't seen since I moved up here, nearly 3 years ago!  Still, it was good to get home.  I've been cleaning like a mofo all afternoon - odd motivation to have after a holiday, but I think I know the reason.

Swap Dishcloths!
This was by a lovely lady out of Ottawa, ON.  Love the tulip, and the gorgeous red shade!

Wait, let me back up a bit.  Back in January or so, a member of the Canadian Knitters group on Ravelry proposed doing a cross-Canada dishcloth swap, where you'd knit two dishcloths and send them off to two other Canadians in the swap, along with a post card and any other little goodies you felt like including.  You would, in turn, receive two dishcloth swap packages from two other people across Canada.

Who could say no to that?!

Swap Dishcloths!
This package came from an evil woman out of Hilton, Alberta.  Why evil, you ask?  She also included a bar of homemade caramel.  SO GOOD OMG IT'S GONE ALREADY.  Caramel is my kriptonite.  Her dishcloth is lovely though, I adore the orange and I've never seen this stitch pattern before!
The packages I received were waiting for me when I got home last night, and let me tell you, I bee-lined for them, dumping my bags in the middle of the floor and literally ripping the packages open!  I might've been a little excited.  It was so much fun to see what my two lovely swap partners sent me, and learning more about their home town and province in their postcards. 

Here's the packages I prepared and sent off earlier this month.  All but the last has made it (the 3rd one was a swap angel package, covering for someone else.  It only went out a few days ago).

Swap Dishcloths!
I sort of made up this chevron pattern - I love goofing around on Excel.
Swap Dishcloths!
I adore this dishcloth pattern!  The link to it is here.  I might have to make up more of these for Christmas gifts!
Swap Dishcloths!
And another of the above pattern.  I forgot to pick up a bookmark for it.  :(
I got my packages ready early, although I left off sewing in the ends until the very last minute.  They all included a dishcloth knit using Bernat Cotton, a local postcard, and a notepad with a cover design by one of our local artists.  It was so much fun, and I would love to do it again sometime!

...anyone want to do a swap?  :)


  1. What great dishcloths - I've got to get some cotton now and knit one :)

  2. Those are lovely dishcloths. I would practice new stitches on dishcloths -a reward for practising! I think the two you knit are great.

  3. Oh my, I couldn't bear to use them as dishcloths. I'd frame them on the wall. Such is my awe of knitters!

  4. I'd love to do a swap! It'd have to wait probably until June (maybe we'll be unpacked by then :P) but I'd be up for it! And for anyone else in Canada who says they'd be interested too! It's a shame it's so expensive to ship to the States.