Wednesday, March 28, 2018

fo: Basil the Lamb

fo: Basil the Lamb
Folks, Basil turned out ridiculously adorable!  He's charming the crap out of my customers in the shop, and I'm pretty sure there's going to be a flock of sheep cuddling up all over Whitehorse soon.

wip: Basil the Lamb
Pattern: Fuzzy Mitten Lamb, by Barbara Prime
Yarn: Drops Alpaca Boucle and Drops Nepal
Needles: 4 mm (knit flat, then seamed, stuffed, and sewn together)
Mods: None at all.

wip: Basil the Lamb
This was a good pattern.  Well written and easy to follow, and despite a lot of people converting it to in-the-round, I chose to just go with the pattern (hazard of knitting store samples - there's only so much you can deviate from the pattern).

The boucle yarn, on the other hand, was a nightmare.  It took a while to get the hang of it - those loops like to pretend to be stitches on the needles, the little shits - but it never got comfortable for me.  That said, the final result was well worth the trouble.  The fabric is soft and squishy, and absolutely perfect for a little lamb.

fo: Basil the Lamb
I don't have much for pics of Basil without his sweater on, but that sweater is knit separately.  It's actually a pattern from the same designer called Squirrel's Polo Neck Pullover, and probably would have been better if I hadn't...ahem...over-stuffed Basil's limbs and tummy.  Story of my life.  But it was a good first run with knitting a garment for the little guy, and I'll be using the pattern as a base for variations soon.  This little bugger is going to have a more extensive wardrobe than me!

wip: Basil's sweater
(Basil was pretty stoked about his first sweater though.)

fo: Basil the Lamb
The ADORABLE toque was knit by a friend of mine who wanted to contribute to Basil's wardrobe.  It's perfect! Sadly, I don't have a good pic of the pompom, so you'll have to take my word that it's equally adorable.

I need to knit him a fair isle sweater soon.  And a cowichan sweater (I already have the most perfect buttons).  And some shorts.  And some booties.  And probably a headband because why not.  And maybe sew him a kilt.  And jeans.  SO MANY IDEAS.  SO LITTLE TIME.