Monday, February 22, 2016


Style Arc Elle Pants
On goodness guys, I SEWED PANTS!

These are seriously my kryptonite.  I was traumatized early in my sewing career by pants sewing, and despite a few tentative attempts, have never been able to sew a pair that fits.  But then Gillian made a pair of (polka dot!) Style Arc's Elle Pants which looked awesome, and she encouraged me to brave this pattern since it's real simple.

So yesterday, I finally did.  Sadly, the above picture is all your getting today.  I had everything set up to take some photos today, when the camera said "please charge battery".  Ugh.

Well, at least it said please.


And uh, sorry for the long delay with posting.  I had a great Cuba post all written up, but then blogger ate it and that ended any motivation I had to blog.  Whatever, I'll try rewriting it another time!  For now, here's a picture of some kite surfers we watched while drinking rum from a coconut on the beach.  OH YEAH.

Cuba - Kite Surfers!


  1. Replies
    1. They really don't go well together though - not in sunny warm places with unexpected (to the Prairie Girl) waves. :)

  2. Woohoo! Kick those pants' butt!!!!!

    Also, eaten posts are the devil. ;)

    1. Literally? Because that wouldn't be so hard then.

      And yes, yes they are. I about screamed in rage and nearly tossed the laptop. Then sulked for a week. :D

  3. PANTS! You did it! Way to go! Now to make all the pants!

    1. All I need is the right fabric! Oh hey look, I head to Vancouver next week for a work trip. HOW CONVENIENT. :D

  4. What a blow - no battery, no blog post. Some days just go like that...

    Nice fabric for the pants - glad you found a pattern that worked. It's the battle won then.

  5. I may or may not have swore loudly at my camera when I saw it's little message. In my front walk. While the neighbours who don't like us were arriving home. GOOD TIMES.

    And thanks! I ordered the fabric online through Won't do that again because ye gods between the conversion and shipping the cost was RIDICULOUS, but I'm happy with the fabric itself. :) I'll show you more when I write up the official pants post.

  6. They look GREAT! You do such good work Heather.