Friday, October 09, 2015

Not..Quite There Yet

wip: Cascade Duffle Jacket
Okay, so I didn't get the jacket finished today.  I didn't even get it half way, but I'm okay with that.  Would've been nice to have my jacket for the trip to Haines this weekend, but I hear the ocean's going to be dumping down on us anyways, and it's probably better to bring my rain jacket instead.

wip: Cascade Duffle Jacket
In case you missed it, I thought I'd try to finish this jacket in 2 days.  I might've been able to do it if I'd been able to spend any time on it yesterday, but there was no way I was missing Knit Night!

As you can see, I got the main body put together.  The only changes I did was take in the side seams below the waist, since it was very loose there.

wip: Cascade Duffle Jacket
I changed the pocket openings to the side instead of the top because I basically live with my hands in my pockets, and the original pocket wouldn't work.  It's pretty comfortable this way. 

wip: Cascade Duffle Jacket
I might add a couple of darts up the back of this version to take in some of that bulk.  But overall, I'm pretty pleased with the fit so far.  A bit of shaping around the bust probably would've been a good thing, but it's not something I'll be doing for the winter version of this coat.

This is going to be a warm jacket.  It's cozy even without sleeves and the flannel lining!  I'm pretty excited about having this jacket, and definitely for the final winter version.  I can't wait to get back to this project, because I really want the finished jacket.  Heck, I need this jacket, my current fall jacket doesn't compare at all!

Okay, gotta go pack for our trip.  Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to everyone else, too, for that matter.  :)


  1. It's making up nicely - and if you hadn't tried to hit a deadline you may not have got this far.