Sunday, September 06, 2015

Babbling and a Reminder!

Aha so I'd planned to do a few more posts this week, but after a week straight of blogging giveaway posts, I'm a little burnt out!  I don't know how people do continuous daily posts.  That stuff is exhausting!

wip: Henri
I haven't been that interesting this week anyways.  I'm working hard at finishing my Henri sweater by the Very Shannon Summer Sweater KAL deadline.  Which won't happen unless they extend the deadline, since I'm still on the cable section.  Oh my gosh, I'm so tired of these cables right now.  They are pretty though, and will be worth every twist.

wip: Rikochan
Despite telling myself I wouldn't start another project until Henri is finished, I uh did.  HAHA whatever I needed simple knitting as a break, because I'm not kidding, I'm SO TIRED OF CABLES.  I've started Rikochan, a shawl designed by Melanie Berg and I'm using the recommended yarn, Owl by Quince & Co.

I was lucky enough to win both yarn and pattern in the last Very Shannon KAL, and my fingers have been itching to knit it since it arrived in my mail box.  I haven't gotten very far since I really am trying to focus on Henri, but it's an easy knit so far.  The stripes make it interesting, which is good because this sucker is ginormous.  It's supposed to be about 70" long!  ACK!

Awesome Surprise for Awesome People
Speaking of giveaways, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!  I'm making the draw tomorrow (Sept 7) evening at 6 pm Pacific time.  That's 8 pm Central time, 2 am London England time, 9 am Perth Australia, and 1 pm Wellington, New Zealand time.  That's Sept 8 for everyone past London, since you all live in the future!  Hey, will you tell me what the weather is like in the Yukon tomorrow?  That'd be really helpful.

Anywho, go sign up!  And you all who keep saying not to enter you because shipping to your country sucks, or haven't signed up because of that?  GET IN THERE AND SIGN UP.  I planned for this friends, so no worries! 


  1. Oooh that's pretty yarn! Are you cabling without a cable needle for Henri? If not, you might find it speeds things up a lot! And if you already are....well, you're almost there! :)

    1. No, I not only use a needle, but I make it take even longer by transfering the stitches from my cable needle to my left needle before knitting them. Yes I know, that's ridiculous and takes forever, and I can't seem to cable comfortably from a separate needles. And cabling without a needle? I CANNOT seem to work that out at all. :P I should look into it again though, that probably would've quickened the pace a bit. :P

  2. Scrummy colours. I know skeins are a pain bu hey are SO much sexier than balls of wall eh!

  3. Your Henri will be worth it, besides you can't keep me in suspense any longer :). I m so interested in trying Quince and Co yarns. I still haven't. I blame knit picks and webs' email marketing. I'm wanting to cast on Shannon's Bradway ASAP but I must make myself finish some WIPs. I need your WIP finishing stamina, Heather!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement with Henri! Whenever I start thinking of starting a different sweater pattern, I go and oogle your Henri, and that motivates me to focus. I want this sweater SO BADLY, I can't keep MYSELF in suspense anymore! I think that's what's keeping me so focused on finishing right now.

      I hear ya on the Knit Picks and Webs email marketing. The latest "surprise pack" on KP almost had me checking out a new order of yarn, but I backclicked in time, thankfully. I don't have ROOM for anymore yarn, and I desperately want to knit some of it down so I can start buying more from our wonderful local yarn shop. Those marketing teams are good. lol