Monday, May 11, 2015

Run for Mom 2015

There is absolutely Nothing I Made in this post, but there is something Awesome I Did.  I ran the Run for Mum today (eta: err, yesterday) in honour of my Mom!

My Mom, on top of being an awesome woman and my very best friend, is also a breast cancer survivor.  I talked about this before, on my old blog, and she's doing fantastic!  I'm so proud to be the daughter of such a strong woman, and I thought about her (almost) constantly on the run (because sometimes you need to concentrate on trying to breath or not stepping in dog poo).

The run is in honour of Moms on Mother's Day, but also raises money for breast health awareness.  The really cool part is that all of the money raised stays in the territory.  The Whitehorse hospital got a digital mamogram unit in 2009, entirely paid for by the Run for Mom.  Awesome, eh?

I'm not a runner, but I'd like to be.  I've started the Couch to 5k training program...many times.  This year, I've set a goal for myself - to be able to run the Millenium Trail (a very popular paved 4.2 km non-motorized trail in Whitehorse, winding around the Yukon River) by the end of summer. 

I started the first week a few days ago, and basically ran/walked the Run for Mom using the week 1 interval (run 1 minute, walk 1.5 minutes for about 20 minutes)...twice.

I am going to be in so much pain tomorrow.

Worth it.


  1. That's so awesome! And I like the "by end of summer" goal. :) I've done couch to 5k a few times as well (with similar results!), and I always end up repeating weeks so my lungs get used to the work.