Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm Going on a Holiday! And making all sort of little things for it

Guess who's going to Mexico?!


In June.  OH DEAR GOODNESS I'M GOING TO MELT TO DEATH.  I can't really handle anything over 25C/77F, so uh, yeah this should be interesting.  It's for a friend's wedding though, and the resort we're staying at sounds lovely, so I'm determined to suck it up and wear as little as possible.

McCall's 6569
Speaking of, I'm working on a few pieces to bring along.  I want to sew a bathingsuit or two, and I'm even considering a bikini, based on everyone telling me that's all I'll want to wear.  I bought McCall's 6569 on my last visit down south, and placed an order for everything I need with Bra-Maker's Supply (hooks, padding, fabric, liner, elastic, etc.).  I've even started converting an older bra into a bikini, using this tutorial!

I started yesterday, and should've finished it, but other things got in the way.  I suspect that this is the source of my Startitis - I've been itching to start sewing swimsuits, but with ongoing renos my sewing room is acting as storage and there's just no doing anything in there.  But yesterday I got desperate and hauled out my sewing machine to the livingroom.  This, I suspect, is going to be the only way I'll get any sewing done.

I also started a pair of shorts last fall that I'd like to finish up for this trip, a pair of Grainline Studio's Maritime shorts.  Although at the moment, I have no idea where they are, so we'll see about that.

wip: Avana
In related knitting news, I've knit about 11 inches of my Avana coverup. This thing is just flying, and I'm kind of wondering if I can finish it this weekend while camping! 

Speaking of, I should probably go help the boyfriend pack.  Have a good weekend all!

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  1. Yes, bikinis in Mexico. A one-piece is fine if you are going to the pool for a few hours, but if you are going to be living in your swimsuit, you need two pieces for ease of going to bathroom.