Tuesday, February 03, 2015

wip: Cardboard Cafe - Cast On!

wip: Cardboard Cafe
Holla Knits KAL2015 has officially started!  ...on Feb 2.  I worked on this off and on throughout the day, and got about 5 inches of the back knit.  Considering that I'm shortening this cardigan to hip length and only need to knit about 15 or 16 inches before starting the arms, I suspect this sweater will take a bit less time than I thought. And in fact, tonight I've knit another 2 inches so far.  HUZZAH! 


  1. Cables, yum. You mentioned in your last post that you used the recommended yarn--is this the Classic Elite MoutainTop Vail or Knit Picks Gloss? It already looks like it's going to be snuggly and warm, even with the lace. I'm betting you'll finish well before the KAL deadline, at the rate you're going! Can't wait to see it!

    1. Oh, I didn't specify that, did I? Oops. I'm using the MountainTop Vail - with is such a lovely yarn to work with - such beautiful drape too! This is going to be a scrumptiously snuggly sweater! Although very airy, so I'm not sure about the 'warm' bit. lol

      I might need to set a new goal: knit this sweater in the month of Februrary!

    2. I suppose what passes for "cold" here (North Carolina) is nothing compared to a Yukon winter. Our coldest days seldom drop below the 20s F, so anything with wool or alpaca is likely to keep you toasty (under a coat if you're going outside, of course). I need to go check out the Holla Knits patterns, because I can't resist the urge to completely wreck my queue by finding new things I want to knit.

    3. Ooo do look up Holla Knits! There's some unique designs there, and not just sweaters. :)

      And yeah, we've been dipping down to -35C the last few nights (uh, google converted that to -31F), and our house is staying at about 18C (64F? something like that) with this cold snap - I live in lots of layers and oversized hoodies at home. But it should make a good spring/summer sweater!