Sunday, February 22, 2015

So Many wips

I've been a little mia of late.  It's been a tough couple of weeks, mentally, and I'm doing a lot of thinking.  More on that another time.  The upshot of this is that I'm doing a lot of knitting.  Well, after I cleaned up the entire house from top to bottom after the boyfriend accidentially released a cloud of super fine black sticky ash while trying to fix the furnace, which settled as a super fine black sticky layer all over the house.  Fun times.

ANYWAYS, I have a ton of knitting wips to share!  No sewing, because the sewing room is still an ashy mess and I need a bit more time before I face it.

wip: Cardboard Cafe
I finally got the back finished of my Cardboard Cafe.  I really procrastinated on the last dozen rows, but I got 'er done!  Despite needing a bit of a break, I immediately cast one one of the front pieces to make this a little bit easier to come back to.  HAHA I am brilliant!

wip: Cedar Glen Mitts
Before I'd even finished the back of Cardboard Cafe, I started on a pair of Cedar Glen Mitts by Holla Knits - mostly because I don't know I was bored.  I'm hoping I have enough of the dark grey to do the palms of both mitts, but the pattern yardage says otherwise.  I'm going to finish one mitt and check the yardage before starting the second - otherwise I'll just reverse the colours.  The lace bit above is blocked and the palm is ready to start at any time, but I got distracted by another project.

wip: Socks!
Uh, I started another sock.

You might remember a sock I started while back.  I ran into a few problems and abandoned ship, and I thought that I'd never make another sock again.

But then I found this aran weight sock yarn at our LYS, and I couldn't resist.  I'm pretty sure I picked the ugliest colourway possible, but these socks are for my cousin who has been hounding me for a pair of handknit socks for years, so it's perfect!  I started this sock on Thursday and have been pretty dedicated to it ever since.  Since it's Rendezvous weekend here in Whitehorse, it's been my companion to a couple hockey tourney games and a few events.

I might've been bitten by the sock bug.  So much more fun in heavier yarn!


  1. Great idea to start on the job of casting on instead of procrastinating about it. I use the same technique with knitting or sewing jobs I don't want to do as well :)

    1. Considering how many projects I have on the go that are in either parts or pairs, I think this'll be the way to go for a while. It's hard to come back and start something, but easy peasy to just pick it up and go!

  2. Ooch, I had that when the tiler came and sanded plaster - white sticky dust on everything. It made me clean things I don't usually bother, though so the whole place looked amazing! LOL!
    I hope you're not pining for a hole in the ground full of rocks. xo

    1. I'll be facing plaster dust soon enough (we're in perpectual renos here, and drywalling should start by the spring), so I guess this was good prep for it. It wasn't a bad thing though, because it forced me to deal with certain parts of my kitchen I've avoided since I moved in with the boyfriend. Just frustratingly unexpected! Ah well.