Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dreaming of Project Future (again)


Except I can't because CHRISTMAS KNITTING OMG.  And I'm stuck in camp with only this project (and another, but I refuse to start anything until this blanket is done or else it'll never get done).
What's keeping me going is, well, rushed Christmas knitting, but also that I've promised myself that I can start up two new sweater projects (at once!) after I'm done gift knitting, and I've been stoked to start both of them for a while.

This one is Henri by Holla Knits, and I already have the yarn to knit it!  I've been itching to knit this one ever since I saw Michelle's version, ages ago.  I'll be using Knit Picks City Tweed, same as hers, and nearly ordered the same colour as hers (because omg it's called Kitten and doesn't it look adorable?!).  But then the purple called to me and I'm glad I chose it, it's such a vibrant and scrumptious colour.  The yarn is scrumptious, and I've been chomping at the bit to start this for months now.  I do plan to figure out how the lengthen the sleeves though, because 3/4 or 7/8 sleeves (whatever that is) is way too short for Yukon weather.

OMG I want this sweater, it looks so cozy and so me! 

On the opposite side of the spectrum is this super light-weight cardigan, Featherweight.  It's a stockinette open sweater knit out of lace-weight yarn, and oh cripes I'm going to be crawling the walls with how find and how long this will take.  I normally don't knit anything finer than worsted weight, so yeah, BATTY.  But it's a great layer and perfect for wearing over the 1000 tank tops I own but never wear (other than as a bottom layer) because I live in the Yukon.

The yarn is an impulse buy from our LYS, Malabrigio Silkpaca in olive.  I don't know why the green, it just called to me and wouldn't let me leave unless it was in my purse, so there you have it.  I love Michelle's version with her lovely stripes*, but I think I'd wear this more as a solid.

I think these will be good to knit together.  One is more complicated and involved, with all of those textures and cables, while the other will be pretty mindless knitting.  I'm want Christmas to be here now so I can get started on these already, geez.  Christmas gift for me!

How about you all?  Have you chained yourselves to gift making and getting sick of it, like me?  Have you ever set a reward for yourself for completing a tediously long project?

*If you haven't noticed yet, Michelle is sort of my knitting idol.  She makes some gorgeous knits and I sort of want to copy nearly everything she makes.  :)

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  1. Okay, if I'm your knitting idol, then you're my sewing idol. (That Linden pullover kind of blew my mind.). I love that dark purple city tweed, really every color in that yarn line is great. I wanted to buy enough for the Axial cardigan, but I need a big sale to coincide with me using more stash :/.
    I had knit all of my gifts, only a few hats and mittens, but I saw that the Holla Knits Foliage Cowl only takes 2 skeins and a few days, so I decided to try and whip it up over Christmas break for my mother -in-law. Other than that, I'm selfishly filling my closet with sweaters I won't get to wear much.