Saturday, July 25, 2015

Today was a Creative Day! (and apparently a cleaning day...ick)

I've had a very busy day today.  Besides thoroughly cleaning the snot out of the living room (not literally) and helping the Boyfriend with the rest of the house, I pulled out some yarn sitting in a natural dye pot for the last few days...

Black Bean Dyeing
...tidied the sewing room and then messed it up again with a sewing project...

wip: Spotted Cardi
...added a pompom to a nearly finished hat (no photo)...

wip: SpringTastic Socks
...and made some decent progress on a sock.

Pretty good day in my books!  Now lets see if I can get this heel turned before I hit the sack, eh?


  1. Think Bob Dylan: "To every sock, turn turn, turn, there is a heel, turn turn turn. and a tie for every purpose under Heaven"