Sunday, January 11, 2015

fo: Deco Daisies Cowl

I have another finished project to share with you!  Except this one was finished months and months ago...I only got around to taking pictures of it last week.  Allow me to introduce my extremely pretty Deco Daisies Cowl!

Deco Daisies
I've blogged about this lovely before, both during my crochet startitis last summer and the original wip post a bit earlier.  It was such a fun crochet pattern and, while a bit complex, was pretty easy to learn a few repeats in.  This hand-painted yarn helped make this a fun knit, since the colours were stunning and I loved seeing what colour would appear next.  I think the multitude of colours made the daisies in the pattern sing, don't you agree?

Deco Daisies
Pattern: Deco Daisies, designed by Michelle Moskalok and published by Holla Knits
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Alegria in Pindo
My Ravelry Project Page

I've had the yarn for a while.  I bought it during a visit to Winnipeg, Manitoba in May 2013, and had been searching for the perfect pattern ever since.  It had to be special for this beautiful but expensive yarn.  Found it!

I modified the pattern a bit, as I only had the one ball of yarn (the long cowl requires two).  That's alright though, because I wanted a shorter cowl anyways.  I think I did 12 repeats of the pattern to get the shorter length.

Deco Daisies
Please forgive this horrible "portrait" photo. Ick.  Classic gaze-into-the-distance pose.  I should have a graduate cap on my head.  I'm only including it to show the length on a real person.
The lace opened up more than I expected, so it's a bit longer than planned. It's perfectly fine, but I fiddle with it to get it where I want it a bit more than I'd like.  Next time, I'd probably only do 11 repeats.  If the length of this one continues to bother me, I'll just pull it back and rip out a repeat.  Easy peasy.

Now I sort of want one in black to go with everything else in my wardrobe.

Do you crochet?  If not, did you realize just how pretty crocheted projects could be?  There's more out there than granny square afgans!


  1. Yes! There are adorable ridiculous snowman hats :D

    Great cowl though! I have to say I love the speed of crochet.

    1. Aw snowman hats! I love crochet, it's so quick and fun. :) I should start another crochet project - there is these two sweater pattern I'm really curious about...

  2. I wondered what happened to this cowl. It's beautiful! I think I already told you that your WIP photo of this made me reconsider variegated yarns. I'd never have paired one with this pattern, but it so works! If i do deco daisies, I'll be copying your idea, although a black version does sound perfect...
    Oh, and I was thinking how pretty your photo of you in the cowl was. Not at all like a senior picture. You'd have to be resting your chin on your hands, fingers interlaced, to look like that :)

    1. I'm not a huge fan of varigated yarn myself, but this skein had called to me for it's lovely colours, and I think this was a great pattern match for it. The two seem to complement eachother, anyways. :)

      Oh I don't know. I have a graduate photo of me somewhere with this exact same post, but holding a diploma awkwardly with my fingertips in an unnatural hand position. lol