Wednesday, October 22, 2014

She Lives!!!

Project Planning
Most of the yarn I panic-packed for camp knitting this rotation.  Each ball was a surprise as I unpacked them.
And by 'she' I mean me!

So I'm nearly two weeks through a three week rotation in camp.  After only one week off before hand.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, that means I'll have worked 5 full weeks out of the last 6!  BLECH.  And half of that with the camp plague, to boot.  This place is a little petre dish.

Between the workload, crummy internet, and crummier health, there hasn't been much desire to blog lately.  But I have kept steadily onward with knitting.  Yes, more knitting - it's the easiest thing to bring to camp.

See that pile of yarn above?  It's what I panic packed for camp the morning I left, directly because I realized how quickly Christmas is approaching, especially for someone who makes most of her gift.  YIKES!!

I don't really have much to share right now.  I'm lucky I was able to get the one photo into this post with this slow internet, and I'm a bit scared to hit post.  But I am alive!  (Which feels a bit surprising, considering the back-to-back colds/flus I got earlier this month.)  And man, I cannot wait to get home, clean out my disaster of a sewing room, and sew

I'll babble more about my Christmas knitting soon.  And possibly a rock post, because boy did I ever find a pretty one underground the other day!


  1. Oooh, show us the pretty rock! I just love the combo of rocks and knitting. :)

    1. Done and done. :) I'm glad someone else will be interested in rock posts!

  2. Eerk, five out of six weeks in camp... And it must be getting a bit dark now. Will look forward to seeing the knitting!

    1. It's getting a bit dark - takes a while to get used to the sun not being up at 3 or 4 am, but then it takes a while to get used to the sun being up at 3 or 4 am in the first place. :)